I was a Level Designer and Mission Scripter at Ubisoft Reflections between October 2009 and August 2011, working on the Multiplayer team for Driver San Francisco (360, PS3, PC) and before that with an experienced team on Driver San Francisco Wii where I was responsible for development of many of the games single player story missions and cutscene creation. I was also involved with the prototyping of game mechanics and worked closely with tools and AI programmers on the development of mission creation and scripting tools.

Before working for Ubisoft I studied at The University of Teesside where I achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Games Design with first class honours.

While my primary focus is game and level design, I also have a good range of experience working with a number of software packages, primarily in content creation and scripting tools, both those developed in-house and commercially available game editors and engines.

Experience with areas of game design:
Experience with software packages:
My full CV/Resumé is available here in Word or PDF format.