Driver San Francisco (Wii)

Driver San Francisco Wii is a fully realised prequal to the Driver series, covering Tanner's first undercover mission. Developed specifically for the console, Driver San Francisco Wii boasts a variety of motion controlled gameplay to improve and empower the core experience of the Driver series; movie-like high speed chases and races, detective work and action packed driving in the iconic city of San Francisco.

During my first year at Ubisoft Reflections I had the role of Level Designer on the team developing Driver San Francisco Wii. My responsibilities on Driver San Francisco Wii throughout the earlier stages of development ranged from working with the game designers to create effective mission designs, to concepting ideas for missions and gameplay mechanics using the in house mission creation tools.

During the main development of the game I was responsible for the creation of a large portion of the games single player missions as well as training new level designers in how to use the mission editing tools. On top of this I was tasked with organising the development of all of the single player missions and delegating responsibility between the other members of the level design team.

Throughout the project I also worked closely with the games programmers to develop the game engine, tools, AI and gameplay mechanics. I was also heavily involved in cutscene direction and the creation of cutscenes and footage for marketing purposes.

Driver San Francisco for Wii has received a 7.8/10 from Official Nintendo Magazine UK, 7/10 from IGN and 9/10 from PlayZine online magazine.