Twilight of the Tieran

During university and for a short time afterwards I was part of a small team of students developing a game named Twilight of the Tieran. The game was an RPG adventure with rhythm based combat mechanics, exploration and simple puzzles. My roles on the game included concept work, game design, level design, content creation, script writing and some environment art.

The game was developed using an engine created by our three programmers and the levels and content created with an in-game editor. It was in development part time for a period of around 6 months, over which time two full levels and many side levels were created.

Every Level was created with the Twilight of the Tieran Collision Editor using a selection of basic block types, then exported into 3D modelling software to be modified and textured. This basic version is then exported as collision data and loaded into the game along side the environment mesh. The in-game editor allows each level to be populated with assets, lighting and triggers for camera changes, audio and dialog events, area transitions, scripted battles and puzzle elements. Each level is set up in game with a number of settings for ambient lighting, fog, area names and IDs etc. Every level is comprised of a number of small areas, each involving basic platforming or puzzle solving to progress.


The Demo is available to download here.